Orchid Trivia

1.Did you know that the ‘Waling-Waling’ or Vanda sanderiana which is (found) endemic to the Philippines is recognized as the ‘Queen of Orchids’ world wide because it has been extensively used for breeding and in the production of up to 80% of all hybrid vandas in the world?

2.Orchids which are normally found clinging on trees are not parasites. They are actually epiphytes or air plants that gather nutrients from the air and surrounding humidity, they only use the tree for anchorage.

3.Did you know thatmythical black orchid comes from the Philippines. Trichoglottis atroporporueum which is recognize world wide as the black orchid is actually dark dark maroon but looks black from a distance?

4.Did you know that the vanilla extract being used for flavouring ice cream and cakes comes from the seedpod of the vanilla orchids?

5.Did you know that the orchid seed pod contains 20 to 30 thousand seeds but only about 10% of the seeds will survive in the wild?