Garden Show

We would like to invite you to our once in 3 years Flora Filipina Expo on February 24 to March 05, 2012. There will be over 120 commercial booths and 80 exhibits featuring an assortment of plants. In the last expo in 2009, our guests had an excellent time at the show, parties, tours and the conference.

We are cordially inviting everyone to come and join us in the upcoming “Flora Filipina Expo 2012”, to be held on 24 February – 05 March 2012 at the Quezon Memorial Circle, Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines enter through Philcoa facing gate. We would appreciate it very much if your firm/ institution/ club and members could include this very important event in your calendar for 2012.

In line with this, we will also be holding the 3rd Flora Filipina Conference on February 24 – 25 , 2012 at the Bureau of Soils, Elliptical Circle in Quezon City. For this we have invited foreign and local speakers to share with us the latest in horticultural information, trends, demands and innovations. The POS secretariat is now accepting reservations of participants for this conference.

For those who wish to join the commercial booth section, please contact the FFE Secretariat at telephone number+632.929.4425, mobile phone numbers +63917.8485468.

Announcing the on-going publication of the Flora Filipina Primer and Directory for release on February 2012, on the occasion of the 3rd Flora Filipina International Expo. This publication will be our official passport to the global horticultural market. Special features: important orchid and ornamental plants, cultural practices, latest in breeding trends, growers and producers; local and international horticultural demands; plant sources; as well as Government policies on plant trade and procedures on plant import and export.

If you are interested in advertising, or if you have further queries, please contact the FFE Secretariat at ( +632) 929.4425 or mobile phone 0917.848.5468, look for Ms. Donna Masaoy.

Please forward this message to your orchid and plant friends.
Thank you and best regards,

Evangeline B. Go
Over all Show Chairman
Flora Filipina Expo 2012