How to Join Our Society!

Any person interested in orchid growing or any organization or entity dealing with any aspect of the orchid industry, who/that agrees to bind himself/itself under this By-Laws, and commits to abide by all rules and regulations of the Society, may be admitted as Member.

Orchid enthusiasts locally and all over the world are invited to join the Philippine Orchid Society to enjoy the following packages:
  • Monthly Newsletter Bulletin
  • Two (2) issues Philippine Orchid Review Magazine
  • Monthly meeting (every third Saturday of the month) where the members can attend talks, slides or film shows on aspects of orchid diversity and culture.
  • Organize tour to different gardens, centers, events and shows.
  • Free entrance to POS orchid shows.
  • Discounted rate on seminars organized by the P.O.S
  • Christmas Party Invitation
Membership fee:

Individual Membership Fee : Php 1,200.00 annually

Couple Membership Fee : Php 2,000.00 annually

Association Membership Fee : Php 2,000.00 annually

Lifetime Membership : Php 15,000.00

Individual Foreign Membership : USD$ 80.00 annually

Regular Activities:

Monthly General Membership Meetings– The Philippine Orchid Society usually meet on every 3rd Saturday of the month. This event could either be a field trip to orchid nurseries in the provinces or a meeting at the POS office, at residence of a member here in Metro Manila or at one of the nurseries at Manila Seedling Bank. The agenda of the monthly meetings includes a lecture on various cultural practices on orchids, induction of new members, presentation and announcement of pertinent matters.

Orchid & Garden Shows— Garden shows usually happen twice a year. It is scheduled during the February – March & August – September. The two garden shows a year coincides with the flowering of the Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium (February) and the Waling – Waling (Vanda sanderiana) (August ). This is usually a 12 day (1 week ) event, with the opening on a Thursday, and becomes open to the public on the following Friday up to the second Sunday. There was also instances when the garden show extended up to 3 weeks (the longest ever). Orchid Hunting, Out of Town / Out of Country Trips.

Special Orchid trainings during summer– usually a comprehensive orchid growing training workshop, orchid embryo / tissue culture training, orchid judging training or other special trainings /lectures.

Christmas Party– usually on the first week of December.