Tips on Indoor Gardening

1.Foliage plant are more suitable for indoor use than flowering plants.

2.Flowering plant have to be brought out doors after flowering if you wish them to flower again.

3.When choosing foliage plants choose plant with colored or pattered leaves to add more interest to the garden.

4.Colored foliage will normally fade after 3 to 4 weeks when brought indoors. colored will return after some time when the plants are grown out doors.

5.Have a reserved set of plants outdoor to alternate with the indoor plants they should be roated at least every one to two weeks.

6.It is best to put the plants in a bright noon preferably with a southwest to east exposure.

7.Don’t place your plants near a close glass panel especially it is exposed to direct sunlight coz this could burn the plants.

8.When possible open a nearby window to allow some air to flow.

9.Water indoor plant only ones a week or preferably only whenTo much watering will often kill an indoors plant. Likewise mosquitos may breed on potting media that is always wet.